THE Sky machine protocol
Perfect bonds between emotion and intelligence
THE Sky machine protocol(SMP)is a project funded by Swiss consortium Crypto Valley Venture Capital in 2017, aiming to bring influential blockchain projects together,focusing on the design of intelligent robots and the development of professional chips.Sky machine protocol can fulfill it’s ultimate goal that store human’s memory and make Immortality possible.
Token scale

THE Sky machine protocol TOKENs(SMP),Total:10000000,First, it represents the equity of the company, and second, it represents the interest in acquiring or buying high-end robots for free.

SMP doesn’t have any form of fund raising,TOKENS will be given free to all contributors and miners, we hope more mature blockchain projects who have their own excitation device can join us as early contributors.

Total supply


Sky machine protocol takes a community approach to manage work flow,in blockchain industry ,it's mechanism is kind of like BTC, decentralized and Adopting a voting mechanism,The way of community autonomy is to use voting to realize the iteration of members.

Early participant
Cooperative Partners